A Month At A Time


When I said “Join me after Thanksgiving for my next round of Holy Random Stories No One Cares About, Batman!” I was only joking. But look. Here it is, two days after Thanksgiving and the very last day in November. I really need to plan my time a little better.


If you were around last year you may remember I did an entire month of thankfulness. Being the clever girl I am, I called it NoThanks – short for November Thankfulness. I thought for sure it would catch on like wildfire and people would be hashtagging #nothanks and maybe we’d even see it on Good Morning America or the Ellen Degeneres show and it would be my ticket to stardom and then I could write a book and go on a book tour and eventually I would be able to buy the ice blue BMW Z4 I’ve always dreamed of, but I was wrong. 

Since it didn’t catch on and I didn’t have the motivation to blog every day of November, I Facebooked a thankfulness every day instead. It’s much easier. I can write one little sentence and nobody judges me. And the really clever part (that I didn’t even think of until right now) is that I can just repost all those Facebook statuses (statusi?) and BAM! It’s a blog post.

Day 1:

I’m thankful for an awesome husband.

Thank you, Todd, for kicking me out of the house this afternoon even though I hadn’t finished re-organizing the pantry and the kitchen was an even bigger wreck than it was before I started. My trip to Valley Forge with the beautiful, late afternoon sun to light the gorgeous scenery was exactly what I needed! However did you know?


VK collage

Day 2:

I am thankful for people who come over to my house and don’t judge me for the mess it is.

Day 3:

Thankful for getting to fall back this morning.

Day 4:

Thankful for the opportunity to teach a class about something that fascinates me to no end and thankful for the people in the class who indulge my craziness.

Day 5:

Day 6:

I forgot yesterday’s thankful post. So yesterday I was thankful for comfy flannel pants and warm, fuzzy socks. They made my icky, sicky day so much better.

Day 7:

I’m thankful for silly fun in the form of a Sound of Music sing along with friends. I’m feeling waaaay more normal than usual.

Day 8:

I’m thankful for lazy Friday afternoons with my bestie. — with Todd Thompson at The Thompson Homestead.

Day 9:

I don’t remember forgetting Day 9.

Day 10:

I’m thankful for friends who make me smile when I see them as I walk into church. And since church is the people and not the building, I love me some church.

Day 11:

Excuse the cliché, but I’m ever so thankful to all the military men and women for their service. Thank you!

Day 12:

Tonight I’m very thankful that Excedrin Migraine and a 20 minute power nap will usually work wonders.

Day 13:

I am thankful for photographs of my little loves (and the ability to scan said pictures). — with Katie Thompson and Taylor Thompson.

Kiddie Collage

Day 14:

I’m thankful for dinner out with good friends, one of which I don’t get to see nearly enough. Good food and great company!

Day 15:

I’m thankful for so many things I just can’t decide. So for today I’ll say I’m thankful I no longer have any gray hair.

Day 16:

I’m thankful for the opportunity to hang with some really great people a couple times a month so we can help each other do this Jesus thing.

Day 17:

I’m thankful for modern technology such as phone, email, Skype, and the like. It makes the distances of friends and family just a little bit closer and much more bearable.

Day 18:

Tonight I’m thankful I remembered to write something I’m thankful for before I fell asleep.

Day 19:

I am thankful for another birthday. ’nuff said.

Day 20:

I’m thankful for a warm and comfortable house.

Day 21:

Tonight I’m thankful to have my Katie home a day early!!

Day 22:

I’m thankful that my mom had a safe flight and I picked her up in Philly at midnight without a hitch!

Day 23:

Today I’m thankful that Taylor came home a day early as well. Now I have all my chicks in the nest as well as my mom. The only thing that would make it better would be if dad was here, too. Thankful for the care he receives and also for my sister and brother-in-law who are spending time with him this week while Mom is away.

Day 24:

I’m thankful for deep belly laughs!

Day 25:

I’m thankful for grace because I forgot to actually post on the 25th.

Day 26:

I’m thankful for adventures in the Big Apple with my girl and especially thankful that Oma could come along this time!

Day 27:

I’m thankful for puzzles and movies and time off work.

Day 28:

I’m thankful for delicious, traditional Thanksgiving dinner with my favorite people AND for someone else doing clean up.

Day 29:

Thankful that on this post-Thanksgiving day I don’t have anywhere I have to be. Thoroughly enjoying being lazy with my mom.

Day 30:

I’m thankful I managed 30 days of thankfulness AND I still have much more to be thankful for.


  1. Sheila on December 1, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    Hi Jen,
    Thank you for sharing your thankfulness journal! I am glad you got to spend time with your mom over the Thanksgiving holiday. Tell her I said, “hi”!

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