Anniversary Trip – Part 2

[Written Wednesday, April 17]

I’m currently writing from Starbucks in Canandaiga. It has wifi. We needed a fix. That and some Starbucks goodness.

So we didn’t hit any antique stores yesterday. Oh, we saw them. They’re everywhere. It was overwhelming. I felt like a kid at Disneyland with no E tickets. Which won’t make a lick of sense to a lot of people, but trust me when I say it’s not a good thing.

You see, it’s like this. There is a particular item I am looking for. It’s not a small, put-it-in-a-bag item. But it’s not a huge, we-need-a-moving-truck item either. I’m looking for a washstand or a small cabinet to use as a vanity in our powder room. Our new car is significantly smaller than the old car and I realized, much to my dismay, that even a small cabinet or washstand won’t fit in the car with everything else we brought with us. So why even look? What if I found the perfect washstand? What then? I have a budget and even if it was within the budget, the shipping would probably bust it.

Todd thought he had escaped unscathed. Antique shopping isn’t anywhere on his list of top 5,000 things to do.  But he only dodged the bullet this trip. Pennsylvania has no lack of antique stores either… (this is the part where I laugh maniacally, but I don’t know how to write that.)

Yesterday was rainy and we had a very lazy morning. We finally got out and drove up Canandaiga lake and found our way to The Muar House Cafe and a delicious lunch.

The Muar House Cafe

It was rather windy and cold and, frankly, a beautiful day for pictures. So I got some.

Cloudy Lake

We also went to Wal-Mart. Yes. You read that right. We came to upstate New York so we could go to Wal-Mart. Actually, we needed some groceries and a particular computer cable and we thought we could kill both those birds with one Super Center stone. We got the groceries, but no cable.

And then we stopped in here. What we’ve come to think of as “Our” Starbuck’s. We needed the wifi to download a couple books on my Kindle and to look up some information. Todd also wanted to download a couple carving videos.

After our adventures in town we headed back to the cabin. It was cold! But a lovely cold. The kind of cold that requires flannel pants, a hot drink and a cozy fire. So that’s what we did.

This morning we woke up when we woke up to a beautiful blue sky with only a tiny smattering of white clouds here and there. We decided to go find some waterfalls for my camera and found this overlook with a great view of the beautiful blue lake on our way.

Overlook View

It was also a geocaching cite so we did a little investigating and found this:

Overlook Cache

The coin is a marker that the particular geocacher (Medicine Man) puts in all his finds. He’s a pharmacist and avid Lord of the Rings fan. The writing on the back of the coin – or maybe the front – is in Elvish. (How does one know which is the front and which is the back of a coin?)

After our little interlude at the overlook we carried on. We had taken the map we found in the cabin, but it’s one of those exaggerated cartoony maps and we couldn’t find the park we were looking for. So we just kept going and made our way back to Wal-Mart. Because we really like Wal-Mart. And because Todd bought two pair of shorts yesterday but when he took them out of the bag at the cabin he realized they were extremely large and not at all the size indicated on the hangers. So he ran in to exchange them and then we ended up here at our Starbuck’s.

Taking advantage of wifi, I was able to see where we went wrong with the directions to the park with the 1.2 walking trail and three waterfalls. It’s now 3:30 and who knows what we’ll do. Maybe we’ll go back or maybe we won’t.

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