Another Six on Saturday

I totally forgot to do Five on Friday so my penance is to do Six on Saturday. Again.

1. I gave blood this morning for the first time in seven years. Before I had cancer I gave blood fairly regularly, but at the time I finished chemo the rule of thumb was five years after your last treatment. I’m nearly six years out so I knew I would be okay, but the rules have changed. Now they say only one year out. I’m not sure when it changed, but whatever. I’m back on the bandwagon again.

The technician who tested my blood said I have blood like a man because my iron was in a good, strong range. So now I’m feeling manly and think Todd should get in the kitchen and make me a sammich. Because, you know, I gave blood this morning.

2.  The Kona Shaved Ice truck just drove by playing very loud Calypso music (Under the Sea, to be exact). It’s a beautiful fall day. Where was the truck and the sound of steel drums a month ago when we were in the middle of a heat wave?


3.  I’m watching “Curb Appeal” on HGTV right now. I love this show and others like it, but they give me a false sense of creativity. That can be very dangerous. I don’t care, though. I like ot live on the edge so I’m watching anyway.


4.  Last night CLEAR hosted Girls’ Game Night. It was my first time to run the tech booth so I made sure to be there a good hour beforehand to get everything set up and work out any glitches. Smooth as silk. Except for I couldn’t get the bingo caller program to slide from one monitor to the next so it would show up on the big screens for the players. So Michele called her techy husband and I called techy #1 who told me to call techy #2 who told me to call techy #3 who echoed techy husband, techy #1 and techy #2 when he said he had no idea why the program wouldn’t move. I played and played and played, trying to get the opened program over to the switcher but it wouldn’t budge. Finally it moved about 5 minutes before the party got started. And it was then that I realized you have to put the cursor on the gray bar at the top of the program, not just anywhere.


5.  There’s this little hole in the wall take out seafood place called Capt’n Chucky’s Crab Cake Co. that I see on a regular basis and has always intrigued me. But I’m always on my way somewhere when I drive by and then I forget about it later. A couple of weeks ago, however, I saw that they were having a fundraiser for blood cancer research so I thought: good cause + crab cakes = win. I dropped Katie off at work and then swung by Capt’n Chucky’s and picked up crab cakes for me and Todd.

The guy that works there is super nice and after he explained all the options I chose the basic breaded crab cakes. I brought them home and cooked the up according to the instructions I was given and they were hands down the best crab cakes we’ve ever had. I now look forward to my next excuse to go there.

6.  I have to go get ready to take pictures of my friend, Kris, and her kids. Kris is one of my best friends (and Katie’s second mom) and her daughter, Shelby, is Katie’s best friend (and one of my adopted daughters). I have no idea how the pictures are going to turn out, but I do know it’s going to be fun!

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