In Which We Drink Tea

Saturday was by far my favorite day of all. And not just because it was THE day. From the time my feet hit the floor, it was nothing but joy. It started with coming downstairs to seeing Todd, Taylor and Katie laying around, watching The Office. Because what else do you do the morning of…

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In Which There Are Irish Dancers

Friday morning began the execution of the logistical quagmire we were faced with. I had played the sequence of events in my head over and over, and Todd and I navigated the schedule to perfection like two four-star generals. This is probably a good time to explain that neither our family, nor the groom’s family,…

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In Which The Bride-To-Be Comes Home

Diary of a Wedding

These past two weeks have been two of the busiest, most stressful weeks of my life. All good, though! My little girl got married last Saturday and we couldn’t be happier. But let me back up just a little. I realize it’s been five months since I wrote my last post. The post that informed…

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