**We Interrupt Regular Broadcasting**

It’s 3:30 as I’m typing. 3:30 a.m.. A.M. as in morning. I’ve been awake since about 1:00 and the two things that keep rolling through my mind are: 1. I can’t wait for the dead of winter. If it was freezing in here I’d be blissfully bundled up, sleeping like a baby instead of flipping…

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My Day

Saturday night is our wine club and we’re hosting. We don’t have enough wine glasses for everyone so I ran into Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up a case of twelve goblets for $9.99. It was a gorgeous day – high in the low 70’s, low humidity – just the kind of day I…

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Doctor, Moronic Highway Work, Doctor

This morning I drove into Philadelphia to see the nurse practitioner at my plastic surgeon’s office about a possible hernia. Remember that ice storm we had a few weeks ago? Well, after scrubbing three toilets and two bathtubs, I went outside and helped the kids shovel the ice off the drive. I either pulled a…

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