Five on Friday – First Edition

My friend, Gretchen, stole borrowed this from my friend, Susan, so I’m stealing borrowing it from Gretchen and, in effect, Susan.

    Five Random Facts

1. Yesterday in my mad dash to get home from work, take Katie to voice, run errands while she was at voice, get her back home, inhale a bite to eat, freshen up and head back to the school for New Family Orientation I almost missed a lovely sight. As I waited at a stop light the large tree that I sat under started shedding its leaves. I realize it’s too early for fall, but golden leaves rained down all around me and it was glorious in its imitation of autumn. Have I ever mentioned I love fall?

2. As stated in number 1, last night was the New Family Orientation for the preschool. That means preschool starts on Tuesday. I can’t believe it’s already time for another year. It’s nice to have the teachers back and see their rooms looking like classrooms again.

3. Wednesday I got to do something vastly entertaining. I went on a photo shoot with our student ministries department +1. It was such a blast because they’re just so much fun. I kind of forgot for a while that I was old enough to be their mother!

4. Tomorrow I get to be the second photographer with my insanely creative and photographic genius friend, Gail, at a wedding for another friend, David. I’m really looking forward to it because: a) anytime spent with Gail is a trip in the best sense of the word; b) I get to hang out with the groomsmen who are tons of fun (and young enough to be my children, but I’m sure I’ll forget that); and c) I am addicted to taking pictures so this will appease my craving for another day or two. Except I’ll be worried the whole time that my pictures aren’t Gailworthy, but she always manages to find a few out of the thousands I take that will work.

5. Sookie and I have been walking first thing in the morning and I’m really enjoying it. Yesterday my alarm didn’t go off so I didn’t have time for our walk and it left me feeling pretty blah and muddle headed. It doesn’t even have to be a long walk. One time around the neighborhood is only a half a mile, but that’s enough to get my blood pumping and give me some energy. Of course, we’ve had beautiful crisp mornings this week so we’ll see what happens tomorrow morning when it’s raining. Just how dedicated am I? And is blah and muddle headed really so bad??


  1. gretchen on September 2, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    Pretend you live in Seattle and go out, anyway. 🙂 My friend came to college here (from sunny CO, where we were both raised). She said for year one, she stayed inside, and then by the next year, she had an umbrella/rain jacket, and went out every day.

    I think your photos are Jennworthy. 🙂 Wish you were here in about a year for some super special photo ops.

    • Jenster on September 4, 2011 at 1:59 pm

      “Wish you were here in about a year for some super special photo ops.”

      Me too, friend! Me too!

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