Getting Out Of The Heat

I just read what I think is a great blog post. The kind of post that sums up what I’ve been feeling. The kind of post that I think is worthy of linking to.

This whole Chick-Fil-A debacle has me sore. I have friends on both sides of the debate who feel passionately about their stance. They are more than welcome to their opinions and it doesn’t change how I feel about them. I, however, will not be drawing any lines in the sand.

Dan Cathy has taken a firm stance against gay marriage. So what? That’s his opinion and his right. His opinion does not concern me. If I were to boycott every business that supports causes I’m against I would have to start growing my own produce and raising sheep so I could spin my own yarn for clothing. And what of businesses who support one cause I loathe and another I love? Maybe it all breaks even in the end.

I can almost hear the groans of disappointment. I’m sorry. Except I’m really not. Just as Dan Cathy has every right to his opinions and, as an American, every right to voice them, I have every right to mine.

So what prompted this post? THIS post. I know not everyone will agree with it, but Jen (not me, the one who wrote this post) pretty much wrote the words in my heart.

And just like the last time I wrote on a hot button topic, comments are welcome, but please be considerate.


  1. Michele McMillan on July 27, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    well, some would say that it’s just Dan Cathy’s opinion, but fortunately, (or unfortunately depending on your point of view) he’s standing on Scripture with his comments, coming from Romans 1 as far as my understanding from what I read about the “controversy”.

    • Jenster on July 28, 2012 at 8:20 am

      And my point (very simply) is that his opinion/belief/understanding – whatever – is his right. His company gives a lot of money to support this cause – and that’s his right. There are a lot of companies that give a lot of money to support abortion rights. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on you point of view :)) that is their right.

      Oh, Shelli. There is so much I could say about the “sides” people have been taking on this and other political/religious/rights issues but this blog is supposed to be mundane. It’s not the right forum. So I’m going to just keep my opinions and beliefs and understandings to myself. For now, anyway. 🙂

  2. Lyn on July 28, 2012 at 11:01 am

    I’ve said several times,if you don’t agree with the policy, simply boycott. There’s no reason to personalize every blessed disagreement, and it is becoming wearisome. Jen (the other) wrote a great post. Well, Jen (the you) did, too, but you know what I mean.

    I’m so tired of disagreement gone wild. I have friends/acquaintances with whom I disagree, but we agree to disagree and keep our conversation light or devoid of sensitive topics. It works. And I suspect if it becomes too much, we will drift apart. There are also some in my life that just can’t let it alone, and I leave them behind or at least limit their time in my space. If you can’t find middle ground, shut up and move on, IMO.

    • Jenster on July 28, 2012 at 12:38 pm

      I think that’s what gets me so upset, Lyn. The two sides have a tendency to get so ugly and hateful. One side says the other side is full of hate and then spews ugliness about anyone who feels that way. Um, that’s hateful, too. And it goes both ways – neither side is any better than the other. Of course I speak in generalities, but it seems to be those people who are the most verbal.

  3. cheryl on July 28, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    Hi Jen,
    Long time no “see” but I think about you often. This issue has me furious and I resent a company as big a Chick-a-filet using their company for making politic statements, under the name of God. Yes, they have a right to their opinion, but not in a huge company that caters to all consumers. Racism in its highest formno
    Of course, I am already upset with Chick-a-filet for going after a small town Vermont businessman, who paints t-shirts for a living that said “Eat.more kale” Chick-a-filet is being a huge corporate bully, trying to say only the can use that slogan and put this jlllilllllllllllllll0

    • Jenster on July 28, 2012 at 9:46 pm

      Hi Cheryl! I’ve not been good about visiting my blog friends, but I’m going to have to hop on over.

      Mr. Cathy didn’t jump up on a soap box and blurt out his position. He was asked what his beliefs were in an interview and he answered honestly.

      As for the trademark issue, I have mixed feelings about it. “Eat Mor Chikin” is their legal trademark and “Eat More Kale” is very similar. But the Vermont t-shirt maker spells correctly. Which to me makes it not a copy. (Am I making any sense?) Anyway, I can understand the company’s concern, however, I don’t believe it warranted a lawsuit. But again, that’s just my opinion.

      Bottom line – my daughter works for Chick-Fil-A. It’s been a great first job for her and not based on any political or religious beliefs. That they’re closed on Sunday is a huge plus for her. We also have several friends who either own or manage Chick-Fil-A franchises. They are VERY GOOD people. They are not racists or biggots. All the vitriol that has been spewed – whether pro or con – is harmful to their very means of support.

      • cheryl on July 29, 2012 at 6:08 am

        I understand it a bit better now that you have clarified where it originated. I have just been getting cruel, self serving messages, cartoons, homophobic slurs in my newsfeed, all in the name of God and Chick-A-Filet. People are taking his honest opinion, which he certainly has a right to and twisting them and making them into some pretty ugly comments/cartoons, using God/Queers/Chicken in ways. Don’t think he intended it.
        Of course he had a right to his own opinion and I am sire he is not a bad man, but I do think s person in charge of a large company like his surely knew the large van of worms he opened and the controversy that would follow
        Ad a Christian, zoo am very offended by what he said and fail to see how that follows the Christian principles I believe but I know by just saying that I am opening up my own can of worms.

        My friend is good friends with this very kind. Hard working family man in Vermont. Who for years operated a t-shirt shop in Vermont, where he hand paints t-shirts. His shop is called Ear More Kale. The corporate lawyers went after him with a vengeance. This man had never heard of the company, probably because there are no Chick-A-Filets in the state of Vermont. This is an on going battle that has cost this man hundreds thousands in legal fees, with help from change.organise and community grass-roots groups. Why would they bully such s small town guy, who is no threat to them?
        That was my anger with this company long before this latest issue.
        Take Care.

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