Goodness Among So Much Sadness

There has been so much sadness among the overlapping circles of my community the last few weeks.


It started when Kristi, a young pregnant woman from church, saw her doctor for what they thought was bronchitis. Her oxygen levels were very low so they took her twins about 8 weeks early. The beautiful baby girls were born healthy, both over 4 pounds and are continuing to grow just as they should. But after the delivery they admitted Kristi to ICU due to the bronchitis turning into pneumonia. While there she went into cardiac arrest and she was med-flighted to University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philly where it was confirmed she actually had myocarditis and postpartum cardiomyopathy caused by Influenza A. She was put on a heart/lung machine to do all the work so her heart and lungs could rest and heal.


A few days later my friend, Laura, unexpectedly lost her father to a heart attack.


This past Saturday a young man in Katie’s graduating class at school succumbed to his fight with brain cancer. He was only in the 10th grade. I didn’t know the boy, but I cried for his loss Sunday night. I cried for all the kids who did know him and are heartbroken right now. And I cried for his parents because I can’t begin to imagine that pain and I selfishly pray I never will.


There’s the sadness. Where’s the goodness?


Sunday afternoon the youth pastor at our church posted on Facebook that part of that night’s service would be devoted to praying for the family and friends of Conor. Word spread like wildfire and 200 kids came to honor their peer. Teenagers from every different social group and even religious beliefs came together for a united purpose. What a testament to this young man’s very short life. There were a lot of tears and hurt in that room, but there was also comfort for all those kids in knowing they weren’t hurting alone.


When word spread that Laura’s dad had passed away the troops rallied to take care of her and her family. I’ve said before how much I love this neighborhood and these past two weeks have just cemented that. I’m beyond glad that I live among these women and that we could help ease Laura’s stress just the teensiest bit. I wish we could do more for her, but she knows she only has to say the word and we’re there.


The outpouring of love and concern for Kristi has been unbelievable. It’s incredible to see hundreds of people come forward to help the family in so many different ways. Kristi is the kind of person who is so easy to like. She has such an infectious smile and a twinkle in her eyes and she’s just genuinely kind. It’s obvious people love her and her whole family.

I am so happy to say that Kristi improves a little bit every day. They are slowly reducing her off the machine and have been able to reduce her sedation as well. Today she was able to see pictures of her children (she has two daughters in addition to the twin girls she just had) and was assured all four of the girls are doing well. She’s going to have a long road ahead of her, but it’s good to know she has an extraordinary support system.


Obviously I wish none of these things ever happened, but they did. Life isn’t always fair and it certainly isn’t always good. But it’s in those bad times that you find out there really is goodness in the world.


  1. gail on March 8, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    I like how you can see the silver lining in everything. That’s one of my many things that makes me love you so.

  2. Lyn on March 8, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    It’s hard to see such tragedies, but it’s also very reassuring to see how people come together to support, help, and love those in crisis. I’m relieved to here that the new mother is improving. That is very scary.

    Prayers for all, and some for you for being such a dear, caring person. 🙂

  3. gretchen on March 8, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    Wish I could hug your neck and cry with you. And pray. And praise. And eat Kellie Crack. Because that’s whatcha do when life throws punches or blessings. xxxooo

  4. Becky on March 8, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    Praising the Lord Kristi is improving, and that the youth are responding to the Lord’s leading in such a way.


  5. Deb on March 16, 2011 at 2:11 am

    I haven’t been hanging around in blog world, wish I’d seen this sooner – but I’ll still be praying.

    I’m so sorry, for all this sadness. I wish I could give you a hug – and your sweet girl. To lose a peer so young is difficult, I know from experience.

    For all this sadness, there has to be goodness to outweigh it. Thanks to a just God who is always faithful, in good and bad.

    My heart goes out to the daughter who’s mourning her father and the new mom who is away from her children and these teens are are dealing with a loss.

    Prayers and virtual hugs.


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