In Which I’m Entertained and Eat

Thursday morning was another lazy morning. But then really. Is there any other kind? My mother isn’t much of a movie goer, but we wanted a girls’ day out that included a movie. So the four of us had a quick lunch at Wendy’s and saw You Again. VERY cute! I had to play bad daughter and get a little bossy with Mom, knowing that was the only way she would agree to go with us. It’s okay. I didn’t mind taking one for the team. I’m selfless that way. Besides, I knew she would thoroughly enjoy getting out and having some fun. Not to brag, but I was right.

That evening we had dinner over at Gary and Michele’s. Grilled chicken, Oriental salad made with home grown cabbage, home grown tomatoes, home made pickles made with home grown cucumbers, and home grown broccoli. I know this word is getting a little redundant in my posts, but it was delicious. So fresh and tasty – it was hard to stop eating. I totally took advantage of Gary’s mad gardening skillz!


  1. Lyn on October 20, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    What a good “girls day,” and it would not have been complete without your mom. 🙂

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