It’s the Little Things

I’m feeling so content right now. This is why:

1. I’m wearing very comfy pink thermal jammies with sage green stars, sage green fuzzy socks, pink slippers and a pink robe (the whole matching thing is making me happy);

2. I’m reading Darkfever (I’m sucked in and will probably have to finish it before can get any sleep tonight);

3. I’m drinking a coveted White Chocolate Mocha (my first in over three weeks);

4. There’s a burning Clean Linen Yankee Candle on the ledge next to me, filling the air with aromatic joy (Todd bought it for me at Target this morning while he was getting my WCM at Starbucks;

5. Todd is doing laundry, changing sheets, folding clothes (I’ve started calling him “Philip” as he’s acting just like his father – and that’s definitely not a bad thing);

6. Katie is cleaning the bathrooms. I mean really cleaning them. I have no doubt the toilets will be sparkling by the time she’s done. She’s listening to her iPod with headphones and we can hear her singing all through the house. If THAT doesn’t bring a smile to one’s lips, nothing will.

The only thing missing is Taylor. He left on Thursday afternoon to drive to Cincinnati with our youth minister and several other kids for a Youth Leadership Conference. I have to admit, this was an extremely difficult thing for me. Over the last couple years I’ve been ignoring this nagging feeling, but I can deny it no longer. I’m afraid I’m one of those moms. You know the kind. The type that has a hard time letting go. He’s going to be 15 in April and I want him to experience all the wonderful things that go along with that age. (The wonderful good and legal things) But at the same time I want to hold on to him and keep him here with me all the time. Except that when he’s been here too long he drives me nuts! LOL Oh, what a parental conundrum. I suppose I could just blame my frenzied hormones for my irrational and conflicted emotions. Or I could also assume that this is just life. My confused feelings on the subject of my children growing up are probably no different than any other mother’s.

Todd wanted me to say that between running his hectic department at work and managing the household, he hasn’t had time to review my postings for corrective comments to my mundane ramblings. I should take this opportunity to post things about him since he won’t be reading anything, but nothing’s coming to mind at the moment.


  1. Anonymous on January 20, 2007 at 6:24 pm

    You so KNOW I get the happy feeling you described from the cozy, matchy PJs! I’m in jeans and jealous! As for WCM, I told Toddy the day after your surgery that you NEEDED one of those for a speedy recovery…what’s taken so long?!(JK!) Now that we have Starbucks at our Target Mall (that’s what we’ve taken to calling it!), I frequently get a WCM and send a toast your way. As for becoming one of THOSE Moms…Bre just asked me yesterday if I was going to become one of THOSE?! Bay came to my defense and told her, “No way, Mom’s going to stay cool!”…I don’t know about all of that, but I could tell Bre was NOT convinced! But considering we carried them and labored/delivered them, we’re bound to have some rights to be irrational over their growing up! (And as usual, I can rationalize anything…even being irrational!) LOL!! Enjoy your warm, fuzzy day! You derserve this one and plenty more!MTYEK!

  2. Bookwormom on January 20, 2007 at 9:46 pm

    Hi Jen- The jammies sound great! The coffee too. I’ve no suggestions for the letting go issue. Personally, I try not to burden my older kids with my own ‘letting go issues.’ I try to hide my anxieties from them as much as I can so that they feel I have faith and confidence that they will be able to fledge quite well. It’s hard. Our daughter (just turned 15- OMG!!) is heading to Germany with our church youth group in late June for two weeks. I’m nervous already & she’s still here. LOL

  3. CindyS on January 21, 2007 at 3:27 am

    I’m glad that you are having a comfort day and I hope you have many more!CindyS

  4. Tara Marie on January 21, 2007 at 8:27 am

    I’m coming to your house to be pampered–LOL.My brother was the bathroom cleaner at home. I think Mom figured he was the biggest slob, so he could do the cleaning once he was old enough, and honestly he did a fantastic job.Don’t feel bad about being one of those mothers. I know I will be too. Junior slept over his best friends house last week, one street up literally within walking distance and I was a nervous wreck–LOL. I can’t imagine what I’ll be like when he’s 15.

  5. Jenster on January 21, 2007 at 11:26 am

    Beth – I actually thought of you as I was putting my “outfit” together. lol And would you believe yesterday was the first time I actually felt like a WCM? I had been offered them before, but I just hadn’t been in the mood. Silly drugs! As for the mom thing – just you wait! It gets much worse from 12 to 15 (all the extra freedoms they’re getting) and I know it’s just the beginning. YIKES!!Amanda – GERMANY? What a great opportunity for her! I’m sure you are so excited for her and dreading it all at the same time. I try not to let on to the kids how I feel – though I did tease Taylor last week and told him he couldn’t go because I’d miss him too much. He looked at me with a, “Yeah, right,” face so I said, “You’re right. I could use the peace.”Thanks Cindy – it was very pleasant!Tara – I remember Taylor’s first sleepover when he was somewhere around Junior’s age. I knew then I was going to be this way. I just don’t relax 100% until I know my chicks are in the nest. lol

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