News from the Couch and Beyond – Vol. I

I’ve decided to start a new series for when I have nothing to say. Which is quite often. Hence the “Mundane ramblings about a whole lotta nuthin'” tag line above.

And now the first installment of

News From The Couch

The Couch:

I should be at work right now, but I’m not. Instead I’m sitting on the aforementioned couch in yoga pants and a sweatshirt wishing I was at work because that would mean I felt better. I’m not violently ill or anything like that, but I think I might be trying to divert a bout of diverticulitis. (Do you see what I did there? “Divert” and “Diverticulitis” in the same sentence. Clever, no?) It’s either that or last night’s Chinese was a bad decision. Either way my tummy is restless, my jeans are too tight and nobody wants to be around me. Please don’t ask me to explain that last sentence because I won’t.



I read an article this morning about a 27-year-old woman who is suing Lehigh University for 1.3 million dollars because she received a C+ in 2009. Apparently she needed a B in this particular fieldwork class to qualify for another round of fieldwork, a requirement to obtain a master’s in counseling and human services. She is seeking damages for the loss of income she would have received over the course of her career had she been able to go on to be a state-certified counselor. The defense claims her behavior in class was not appropriate for someone seeking a counseling degree and cited her use of profanity and an episode of crying in the class.

The Link:

You can read the full article HERE

My Take:

I wouldn’t want her to be my counselor. Ever.

Your thoughts?


In Tel Aviv a girl’s car was towed from the spot in front of her apartment that she had been parking in for over six months. When she came out to get in her car it was gone and a marked handicap spot was in its place. Turns out there was a video camera across the street that caught the whole sordid event on tape. The city marked the spot WHILE HER CAR WAS STILL PARKED and then called a tow truck to have the car removed.

The Link:

You can watch the video HERE

My Take:

That’s craziness!

Your thoughts?

Gratuitous Grin:

When a family dining out received their bill, they were surprised to see a discount for well behaved children.

The Link:

You can read the article HERE

My Take:

Excluding the parents of special needs children, there are two types of parents who take their children to nice restaurants. Parents who require a certain behavior and parents who don’t. It’s easy to find articles about misbehaving children, but it’s really nice to read something about good kids.

Your thoughts?

Thank you for joining me for the first riveting episode of News from the Couch and Beyond. Check back often (and by “often” I mean in the next month or two) for the next fascinating installment. 

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