No Control

I am so tired. Not just tired, but face-numb tired. I’m paying for my night of debauchery. That’s what happens when Todd’s out of town and Katie’s at a banquet. I get wild.

Since it was just me for dinner I got lazy. You know how sometimes you’re hungry, but you don’t want to actually do anything about it?  I finally decided I’d have a PB&J and finish off the bag of potato chips. But opening up the bread bag and spreading stuff on the slices seemed like too much trouble. Besides, I really wasn’t in the mood for bread. So I mixed the peanut butter and the black raspberry jelly in a mug and then stirred in the dredges from the chip bag. I ate it with a spoon. It was good and I will do it again sometime. But I don’t recommend it as a meal.

Then I stayed up past midnight. For no good reason other than I was busy doing “stuff”. I can’t even be sure what that stuff was, but I was doing it. Very busily. Once I actually went to bed I only got to sleep for what felt like five minutes before the alarm went off.

For the last four hours I’ve been looking at cabinet pulls and knobs for a buffet and hutch I’m painting. I’m a fairly laid back person, but this is causing me so much distress. What if I don’t get the right pulls? What if the knobs don’t look good on the buffet? OH MY GOSH! What if the new hinges aren’t quite the same color as the pulls and the knobs? Or worse! What if the screws for the hinges are the wrong type of nickel?

People – I have important things to do and looking at cabinet pulls is not one of them! I’m hanging it up. I will address this issue after I’ve had a good eight hours of sleep. Maybe then I’ll be able to feel my face and just make a rational decision.




  1. Lyn on June 8, 2013 at 9:33 am

    chuckle. I’ll bet your report cards said things like, “plays well with others, but can’t be trusted on her on,” or “Interacts in classroom nicely, but quiet time is a challenge.”

    • Jenster on June 8, 2013 at 1:13 pm

      I can neither confirm nor deny…

  2. Swishy on June 26, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    STOP IT with the mug! HAHAHAHAHA. I love it and I would definitely not be above trying it myself. 🙂

    (ps heyyyyyyyy!)

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