NoThanks – Day Nine; A Thankful Interview

Katie and I are going to a college open house tomorrow morning so we’re hanging out in a hotel room in Southern Virginia. It was a long (but fun) day and I’m totally exhausted, but I don’t want to blow my record before we’re even a third of the way through the month. So today’s thankful post is going to be a little different. I’m going to interview Katie and find out what she’s thankful for.

Me:  So what are you thankful for?

Katie:  Um…

Me:  (She’s very busy watching “Brides of Beverly Hills” so I’m probably going to have to prompt her and drag her thankfuls out of her.)

Katie: So, I’m thankful for my car. My job. Being able to go to school. Being able to have the opportunity to go to college. Having an awesome family.

Me:  Grea—

Katie:  Having an amazing boyfriend. Having truly amazing friends. Having a great church family and being so involved. Having, you know, the basics. A roof over my head, food, running water. HOT water.

Me:  Tha—

Katie: Being able to have the things that I don’t need like my phone and, you know, um, my computer. My car – which I already said my car. TV. Stuff like that.

Me.  …

Katie:  I’m done.

Me:  Great job!

And there you have it, folks. Some of the things Katie is thankful for. And me? I’m just thankful for her.

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