NoThanks – Day Sixteen

Today I’m thankful for reserves.

As in underwear reserves.

You know. That pair you don’t really like, but you keep for emergencies such as when you have run out of clean bloomers. What I refer to as auxiliary choners.

I was glad to have such a backup this morning so I didn’t have to wear a pair of Todd’s skivvies. Remember Day Fourteen? The post on busyness? Turns out I haven’t managed to work laundry into the chaos. But it’s no big deal.

That’s why I have reserves.

And if I forget to switch the laundry to the dryer I have a backup reserve.

And if I get the laundry into the dryer but right before I turn it on there’s some crazy kind of distraction — maybe a meteor lands in the side yard or a herd of rhinoceroses runs down the street or Nathan Fillion knocks on my door — and I forget to go back and hit the button I have a spare backup reserve.

After that it will be time to run to Target and buy more panties.

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