NoThanks – Day Three

Today I am thankful that Todd and I were able spend a week in California with his brother’s family a few weeks ago. We hadn’t seen them since Christmas of 2008! At that time their twins, Nicholas and Olivia, were only 17 months old. They’re now 5-year-old kindergarteners and boy have they changed!

We also left Katie home. Alone. Well, pseudo-alone. Her friend, Shelby, stayed here with her. Neither Todd nor I were very worried. Our neighborhood is small and I know for a fact we would have heard from at least five people if there had been a party or anything hinky going on here. Still, we maybe should have had a trial run before flying to the other side of the country for a week.

Anyway, back to the trip. I wish I could express in words just how great it was. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Tim and Rachel and getting to know their kiddos. Todd’s parents were there as well so it was just like a family reunion except our kids weren’t there. Because they’re all grown up and stuff. Whatever. And we were able to celebrate Tim’s 40th birthday, making it extra special. (Rachel pulled off a fabulous surprise party for him!)

As an added bonus I got to spend a couple of hours with a cousin and aunt who live in the same town.

Here are a few shots from the beautiful area:

An almond orchard near Tim and Rachel’s house. They were harvesting down the road and the air smelled like almonds! And dust. But mostly almonds!
Honey Run Covered Bridge Built in 1894

The flight there was long and the flight home was even longer (west to east always kills me) but I can hardly wait to do it again. So I think we will. Next year for Christmas!

I’m just thankful we have that option.


  1. nwhannas on November 3, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    Thanks for taking us with you!

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