NoThanks – Day Twenty Nine

Tonight I’m thankful that there are only 30 days in the month of November.

Tonight I’m thankful that it’s 10:00 and I can go to bed.

Tonight I’m thankful for Nutella.

Tonight I’m thankful for slippers.   pillows.   dishwashers.   Hallmark commercials.   Starbuck’s.   Angry Birds.   Sofa covers.   plastic utensils.   microwaveable dinners.  dinner out.   dinner in.   dinner with friends.   discounts.   Sookie.   my Keurig.   pumpkin spice coffee.   my super soft robe.   snow.   fall weather.   spandex.   No Shave November.   Italian Sweet Cream creamer.   travel mugs.   Rock Band.   bold pens.   James Bond movies.    road trips   good music    good books.   quiet afternoons to read good books.   10 seconds with no one talking so I can read a few pages of a good book.   the strikeout button.  the freedom to write whatever I want to on my blog.


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