NoThanks – Day Two

In an effort to be trendy and cool I am calling this month “NoThanks” – short for November Thankfulness. Continuing with the trendy and cool theme, I made a grungy banner. Because grungy banners and ironic wordplay are trendy and cool. I think. (Feel free to take the banner for yourself if you’d like, but only if you’re trendy and cool. Or at the very least think you are.)

I have had the hardest time deciding on what to be thankful for today. Seeing as how it’s only day two I still have a plethora of choices. But this is a marathon and not a sprint so I’m going to keep today’s short and sweet.

Today I am thankful for my Homies*.

This morning my Homies met for brunch and it was delightful. It always is. The food is always delicious, the conversation is always flowing (no awkward silences) and there is never any shortage of laughs.

I love those girls and am ever thankful for them.

*a name given to my women’s bible study group by Tina back when we were called “Home Teams”.



  1. Tara Watson on November 3, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    You are trendy and cool and a whole lot more! Missed your writing Jen- am thankful I get to read your posts.

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