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Way Back Wednesday ~ Feeling Gypped

June 7, 2017

While the snake post had the most comments, this post actually had the most hits. I was going to ignore that fact and not post it because it’s depressing. I was remarkably whiny the day I wrote it, but with good reason. And while I joke that my whining skills are exceptional – it truly…

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Way Back Wednesday – About A Baby

May 31, 2017

This is one of those posts that could be considered a little too much information by some. They would be right. Maybe that’s why it was another one of my most popular posts. http://jennifermobleythompson.com/percocet-post-aka-ooops-im-pregnant/

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Way Back Wednesday – About a Snake

May 24, 2017

This post has actually been published twice and happens to be my most popular post. I’m not really sure why other than there are really twisted people who read my blog. So enjoy… http://jennifermobleythompson.com/a-lawn-mower-a-snake-and-a-phone/

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A Loss of Focus

May 23, 2017

I’m not sure what my problem is, but I have no focus. None. I can’t even seem to write a to-do list, which is bad because I have a lot to do. But I can’t seem to land on any one thing. So I made cookies for breakfast. Because I need to go to the grocery…

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So Much Good Stuff

April 27, 2017

You guys! There is so much stuff going on! I had been feeling overwhelmed, but now I’m just feeling blessed. I’ve been going through the most recent online IF:Equip study on the Spiritual Disciplines and it’s been so magnificent. It has reminded me to slow down and lean into God instead of hyperventilating over my super…

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KT, DC and ME – The Food Edition

March 18, 2017

Before I get to the culinary delights of our nation’s capitol, I wanted to tell you about our weather. I’m sure you saw it on the news. Or maybe you lived it with me. But last week we had snow. And sleet. And then snow. It didn’t turn out to be quite the event they…

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KT, DC and ME – The Holocaust Museum

March 10, 2017

Katie is home for spring break (her last spring break as an undergrad) and, as a history major who is mostly fascinated with WWII, she’s always wanted to visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. We happened to have Marriott points that were going to expire in April, so she and I took advantage this…

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Hidden Emotions

March 7, 2017

I finally saw Hidden Figures yesterday. Katie is home for Spring Break and even though she had already seen it, she went with me so I didn’t have to go alone. Because I was prepared to go to the movies all by myself. I don’t remember the last time I wanted to see a movie…

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Good Things, Man

March 3, 2017

  Oh my, but it’s been two-and-a-half months since my last post. I’m sure that is a great disappointment to my reader. Or readers. I think I have two, now. I have many things to tell you! 2017 is looking very promising with an awful lot to look forward to. Today I’m just going to…

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A Voice From The Past

December 15, 2016

Yesterday I had a bunch of errands I wanted to run. The weather was fairly mild and I knew today was supposed to be bitterly cold. Life, however, had other plans so I only managed one errand. I’m not complaining, though, because I did get to take lunch to my convalescing friend and then meet…

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