Texas Adventures – Part 2

November 12, 2015

When last we met, our people had just left West, Texas, and were making their way through the deluge in two cars, one black and one white, down to Austin. We pulled out of Slovacek’s parking lot and hit I-35 S for the remaining 2 hour drive. The weather vacillated between a good, heavy soak…

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Texas Adventures ~ Part 1

November 9, 2015

A couple Wednesdays ago I flew from Pennsylvania to Texas for a special girls’ get away. My mother and sister from New Mexico flew in the same day and we were picked up by my Fort Worth sister. The next day we just kind of hung out and enjoyed each other’s company. Then Friday came.…

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That Time the Basement Floor Was Saved and How it Almost Ruined Vacation

October 12, 2015

Last Friday afternoon found Todd and I watching the news in the basement due to a tornado warning. There was a funnel cloud, but thankfully it never touched down. All I could think of while we were down there was how much better it was to hunker down in a finished basement with a TV…

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I Grow Rocks

September 15, 2015

I’m sorry I haven’t been very good about writing. (Is it just me, or do I seem to say that a lot?) I’ll be better about it once I get my act together. (Again, I say this all the time, don’t I?) Actually, my act is fairly together right now as I’ve been spending a…

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It’s A Real Thing Now

September 1, 2015

Today I published my first post for Grace & Such. For the past eight months I’ve been dreaming and planning and thinking and writing and designing and, and, and…  And then this morning, September 1st, the first scheduled post went live. And I’m excited. We’ve had over 250 visitors to the site so far today, which means it’s a…

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The Summer of my Content

August 28, 2015

It’s been close to three months since I quit working and I feel really good about the successes I’ve achieved this summer. If these accomplishments are any indication of what the rest of my years will be like, then I can look forward to a very fulfilled and satisfied life. I watched the first four…

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Myrtle Beach Adventures

July 11, 2015

I made it to Myrtle Beach and back in one piece. It was a quick trip, but I loved every minute of it. I even enjoyed the drive there and back. Mostly, anyway. There is, no doubt, much more to Myrtle Beach than I saw, but what I did see was very commercialized. It was…

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A Change of Scenery

July 4, 2015

As you can see, I’ve changed the look of my blog. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m not in love with the new appearance, but the old look was, you know. Old. Time for a change of scenery. Speaking of a change of scenery, I’m headed down to Myrtle Beach on Monday.…

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Regressing in Retirement

June 14, 2015

I have my first week of retirement under my belt. I would consider it a bit of a fail. I didn’t do 15 minutes of writing every day, nor did I do 15 minutes of decluttering or organizing a day. Do you know what I did do for 15 minutes a day? Nothing. Actually that’s…

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My First 15 Minutes

June 8, 2015

Today was my first Monday of retirement. It was pretty nice. I got up when I wanted to get up, which was about the same time I would have gotten up had I been going to work. But the difference was I didn’t HAVE to get up. I liked that. I watched some Good Morning…

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