Photography Lessons Learned

I shot a wedding with my friend, Gail, yesterday. Every time I take pictures with her I learn something and yesterday was no exception. Here’s what I learned:

Lesson Number One

    When you try on more than one size of the same shoe at a “self-serve” shoe store, make sure you put the correct shoes back in the correct box.

One of the first lessons I ever received from Gail a couple years ago was to wear comfortable shoes when shooting a wedding because you’re on your feet for several hours. Friday I realized that my “wedding shoes” were no longer feasible and I would need a new pair. Yesterday morning – with plenty of time so I wasn’t rushed – I stopped by Kohl’s for a new pair of Naturalizers. I was so happy to have all my ducks in a row and had the rest of my time planned out perfectly. I would be ready to go by 2:05 and Gail would pick me up at 2:15. This perfect plan hit a glitch when I realized at 2:00 that I had two left shoes in the box – one a size 8 and one a size 8 ½. I beat myself about the head and shoulders with the larger of the two and called Gail in a panic.

“I have to run back to Kohl’s to switch out one of my shoes and you’re supposed to be here in like 15 minutes so if you want to just tell me where the wedding is I’ll drive out there myself so you’re not late!”

After she stopped laughing about my debacle she said she would just meet me at Kohl’s and we’d leave from there. I ran to Customer Service, told the lady the moronic thing I’d done, ignored her laughing, left her my shoes, ran back and grabbed the other box and we sorted it out while a pregnant Gail ran to the bathroom and then we were on our way.

Lesson Number Two

    Don’t buy a new bra in a brand or style you’ve never worn before and then wear it to a wedding shoot.

Not only did I buy a pair of shoes, I also bought a pair of cups. Cups that, I only discovered after wearing for a while, did not like to stay where they were supposed to. I had to keep running to the restroom to resituate the undergarment and it was highly annoying. It brought back memories of fake boobs before my reconstruction.

Lesson Number Three

    Shooting a wedding is beyond exhausting.

This isn’t really a new lesson. I already knew it, but had sort of forgotten. Yesterday was hot and we were running around a lot and I don’t believe either one of us drank as much water as we should have. I don’t know about Gail, but I woke up achy and headachy and feeling really miserable. So much so that I forewent church this morning.

Note to self – get into better shape and drink much more water next time.

Shoes, brassier and dehydration notwithstanding, it was a spectacular day and tons of fun.


  1. Lyn on September 4, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    You completely crack me up!!!

  2. SMAS on September 7, 2011 at 10:15 am

    ME TOO! Thanks for my early morning chuckle!

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