P&P Only Not

Today was Pajamas and Pancake Day at the preschool. My absolute most favoritist day of the entire school year. Seriously. Who doesn’t like to come to work in comfy jammies? And who doesn’t like pancakes?

Sadly, so very sadly for me I had to miss it. I kind of had my very own Pajamas and Pancake Day without the pancakes, though. And they were actually yoga pants and a t-shirt instead of jammies.

Last night I went for another sleep study. This time instead of getting released at 5:30 in the morning like I did HERE*, I had to stay for what they call a latent sleep study to test for narcolepsy. A latent sleep study takes place after the night time sleep study and is when you’re awake for about 2 hours and then you take a 20 minute nap. Then they wake you and you’re up for another 2 hours and then you take another 20 minute nap. They do this four or five times, which sounds great and all, except I think it’s pretty much the same thing as a torture technique better known as sleep deprivation. You just get into a deep sleep and they’re waking you up. Torture.

I had to pack food to eat because there’s no walking over to the hospital cafeteria in your jammies while hooked to all these leads. As I ate my 100 calorie whole wheat bagel tops with Weight Watcher’s light cream cheese that I washed down with not cold/not warm water I couldn’t help but think I could be eating a pancake and a slice of bacon and sipping a hot cup of coffee right now. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that. No coffee for me, though I could smell Rob the technician’s coffee in the room next to mine. Like I said – Torture.

Rob released me after my fourth nap around 2:30 or so. I asked about my results and he said I fell asleep with each nap. I wanted to tell him I knew that because I was there. But that would have been rude. So I guess I failed the test. Or maybe I passed it. I’m not really sure.

Lucky for me, since it wasn’t 0-dark-thirty, it was rainy so I just kept the hood to my sweatshirt on until I got home so no one could see my spiky, sticky-outy hair.

Never one to be a whiner (just go with it, people), it wasn’t all bad. I did get to read a lot. Still, I’m thinking we’ll be having pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning. And coffee. And maybe even a nap. A real nap.

*I wrote this post the day I was to go back for my follow up sleep study. Contrary to what I wrote in today’s post, I whined about having to go back all day long and kept hoping the sleep lab would lose power or something and my study would be cancelled. As I was packing my stuff up, grumbling the whole time, the phone rang. Todd answered it and it was Rob saying the lab had lost power and the sleep study was cancelled. NO LIE!! Then he told Todd he didn’t think I’d need a follow up because the CPAP machine has all the information he needs. I thought I’d gotten off super lucky until my doctor decided I should be tested for narcolepsy.


  1. Gretchen on January 27, 2012 at 10:28 am

    All I can think of about this whole experience is: ROOD! Glad it’s over–will pray against…wait…fell asleep. Xxxxxoooo Pls keep us posted.

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