Thankfulness – Day Twenty-Four

Six days left in the month of November and I blow the “Thankful Blog a Day” gig. Then again, since I’m on the East Coast it’s still Wednesday in most of the country so maybe I’m okay. I’ll just go with it.

Katie and I got home from the hospital around 1:00 and it was closer to 2:00 before I got to “sleep”. She and I slept in the family room – she all comfy and stretched out on the sofa and me all curled up in the big green chair. Sookie can tell something’s not quite right because she sleeps at Katie’s feet – not her usual place.

Anyway, Katie had a much better day today (yesterday) and I’m sure tomorrow (today) will be even better. Boy am I glad we had our Thanksgiving on Monday, though. Our friends Dave and Tina invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s looking doubtful that we’ll be going. Looks like Katie will have to wait for her Bananagrams rematch with Tina until later.

My thankfulness today (or yesterday – whatever) is for a fairly flexible job. I was able to do some work from home this afternoon instead of having to get up after three hours of sleep or so and go to the office in my near-catatonic state. Then on Friday I can go in for a few hours and get everything finished up I couldn’t get done at home. It’s a brilliant arrangement and I’m grateful for it!

Katie and I are sleeping in the family room once again. I’m not exactly sure why, but she prefers the couch right now to her bed and she wants me close. I totally get it. I’m 45 and I wouldn’t mind having my mommy close when I don’t feel good. Which makes me think of another thankful, but you’ll have to wait until later.

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