The Beginning of the Beginning


The beginningToday was my very last day at work. I don’t actually know how I feel about it. I do know that I feel better about it than I did a couple of weeks ago. Now that I’ve worked with my replacement for two weeks I feel such a relief. She’s going to do a bang up job and there’s a huge comfort in knowing everything will be fine without me.

But can I tell you a little secret? That makes me a little sad. Turns out the laid back, “whatever” Jenster has a small issue with control.

I know! It came as a surprise to me, too!!

I relinquished all my keys, my desk drawers, my phone, my email and a ton of other things today and gave up what little control and/or power that came with the position. It wasn’t much, to be sure. But it was mine and now it’s not.

The thought of not seeing these people I’ve become so fond of over the last several years is kind of weird. And sad. But mostly weird because it just doesn’t seem very real. I wonder how long it’s going to take me to realize it’s really, truly, absolutely over.

But it’s not just an end for me. It’s a beginning and I’m delighted at the prospects!

There are a lot of things in my near future that I’m definitely looking forward to. A trip with Todd, a girls’ trip to Myrtle Beach, another trip up to Maine, and just today I booked a trip to Fort Worth to see both my sisters and my mom. There are some projects around the house that I’m eager to get started on, along with just keeping up with the day to day stuff. How crazy is it that I’m happy to have time to do my chores other than in the evenings or on the weekends?

I’m most anxious to get down to writing, though. Working on my book and keeping up with this blog a little better. (I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, Oh brother. She’s going to go back to the days when she blogged about every.blessed.thing like boob tattoos and hairy feet, and you’re rolling your eyes. Well maybe I will and maybe I won’t. We’ll just have to see.) And I’m especially thrilled to start working on the project I mentioned in the last post. I’m still not ready to tell you much about it, but I will say it’s going to be fabulous.

Just like this new chapter of my life. Another Someday is here and I believe it’s going to be fabulous!



  1. Jewels on June 5, 2015 at 7:03 pm

    Fabulous is good. Yeah, fabulous wins. Congrats, dear friend!

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