The Best Christmas Of The Year!

It’s my “Merry Christmas” post a couple of days late. I hope all three each and every one of you experienced the JOY that is Jesus Christ! After all, there would be no Christmas celebrations without him, would there?

Saturday was a great Christmas. I won’t go so far as to say it was the best Christmas ever (because we’ve had other really great Christmases), but it was completely different from any other and definitely one of the best.  The best one of 2010!

The greatness started on Friday. Up until then I had been very blase’ about the whole thing. You see, I get pretty upset when we start to get into the Christmas season because it has nothing to do with Jesus. Practically everybody celebrates Christmas, but how many people really celebrate the birth of Jesus? And I find it so difficult to hang on to the real meaning, the meaning that is mind blowing. The hope that was birthed in a stable over 2,000 years ago, but still carries the same meaning today. The hope that my entire life is based on.

Friday afternoon, however, was the Christmas Eve service at church and it was incredible. It was exactly what I needed to get into the true spirit of Christmas. I worked hospitality (making coffee and putting out baked deliciousness) the following service and that just enhanced the whole mood. Christmas had finally arrived and it had nothing to do with the decorations or the presents under the tree.

On Saturday morning I got up early to let the dog out, then fell asleep on the couch after she came back in. She, on the other hand, went and got back in bed with Todd. Something just is not right with this scenario! Eventually a man-child woke me up, I put together the hashbrown casserole and threw it in the oven along with the breakfast casserole I had made the night before.

While breakfast was cooking we all assembled in the living room with our beverages of choice to open our presents. My favorite part of that was when Todd realized I had bought him a snow blower. Nevermind I thought it was a necessity and would have bought it whether or not I needed a present for him.

After a leisurely opening of the gifts we moved into the dining room with our breakfast.  Both kids absolutely adore breakfast casserole and hashbrown casserole and made comments to that effect while we were eating. Jokingly I said, “well I just won’t make Christmas dinner and we can eat this and the left overs from last night all day.”  But the family loved that idea so I didn’t cook anything for Christmas! Which meant no pots and pans to clean. It was delightful!

I thoroughly enjoy when we spend Christmas with family, but I have to say that this quiet, subdued Christmas was exactly what I wanted/needed right now. Not that I would want to make it a habit, but every now and again makes it perfect!


  1. Becky on December 28, 2010 at 11:08 am

    This year I didn’t have to cook, either, and it was wonderful.

    And I understand exactly what you mean. I could almost put “ditto” as my reply, except for the letting the dog out part, lol.

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