The Initial Response

Bowl with hair dye and brush for hair coloring, isolated on whiteI’m a little shocked at the reaction I got to my last post. You know, the one where I said I was going to let myself go gray. All of the feedback was positive and for some reason I thought there would be a little more negativity. No doubt that was my apprehension talking.

Just look at some of my Facebook comments:

Susan #1:     I can imagine it’s a little scary. You’re my hero. You go, girl. Blaze a trail for the rest of us.

And this would be where I responded with, “AKA guinea pig.”

Susan #2:     Jen you are beautiful. Doesn’t matter, if your hair is pink, purple, green or gray. My friend you are absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to follow you on this journey.


Cyndi:          Jenn you are already a huge inspiration — and I think you are beautiful…. no matter the gray or colored hair.

So much sweetness…

Jo:               I so miss you Jenn. And when I think of you I remember your infectious laugh and witty humor, never once do I think of your hair colour. You are so much more than the colour of your hair! You go girl

FYI – Jo is not misspelling our American words. She’s my awesome Kiwi friend. And as you can see, she’s very gracious!

Kimberly:      A friend of mine in her 50s quit coloring hers about a year ago because she felt like she was doing a disservice to women. By continuing to dye her hair she was giving this false impression of what women are/should be, which as we know is unrealistic and gosh darn it, love us as we are or not at all. She loves it. We love it. You’ll love it too.

I love the part about “giving this false impression of what women are/should be”. It’s so true. We are so much more than our physical attributes, whatever they might be. I can look beyond that with others. Why do I have a hard time looking past that with myself?

Laura:          My color goes back and forth. I do think it’s a societal pressure thing for me. Now a days if your gray everyone thinks you must be 100. Real women should start dictating what is beauty and not Hollywood and the fashion industry. I’ve always loved Jamie Lee Curtis’s hair. I say women unite and revolt! You’ve inspired me to once again embrace my natural hair and as my daughter says just let it be silver!

Let me just tell you something. Laura has beautiful silver hair – when it’s silver. It’s a lovely pewter color and I’ve always been in awe of it. I’m a little afeared my silver won’t be so silver. But Jamie Lee Curtis is kind of what I’m aiming for!

Diane:          I love what one commenter said…”…my friends who have gone natural…” – Natural is good, and I think it means that we are being and doing what God created. Not what societal pressures dictate. Can’t join you in the natural silver as I don’t have that glittery gene in me (mom is 89 and still not gray), but i can consider getting rid of the blondes…hmmmmmmm…to not would be hypo-critical, right?

I think it’s whatever floats your boat. Know what I mean? And I don’t actually think changing the color of your hair or adding highlights or whatever is the same as covering gray. It may be tomayto/tomahto, but it seems more like cucumber/okra to me.

Lynn:           Ok, so I think it’s a great idea. I have contemplated the same thing. I don’t have a whole lot of gray yet and the hairdresser in me knows now’s the time to give over and make it easy on myself. The up side for me is, I do it myself so cost isn’t a factor. I admire you for many things, so add this one to the list. Remember though, there’s no shame in changing your mind and staying with color. Your hair, your choice.

I adore that Lynn gives me permission to change my mind. Really a lot. Because now that I’ve started this bandwagon, what if it’s horrible? Or what if I think it’s horrible? What if I decide I hate the way my hair is graying so I go back to coloring it? Will I be letting others down? Will I be letting me down? Am I over thinking this whole thing? Yes. Yes, I am. Or I was. But now I have permission. Thanks, Lynn!

Grace:          Woman? Have you been peaking into my brain?! I’ve been having the very same thoughts. Difference is…I *am* older than you. Next week, I’ll be 50-ni…errr…forty-nineteen. My chemo hair came in very kinky…and a dull ash color. That was 9 years ago. And I wasn’t ready to embrace the gray. After the first haircut, however, it became straight as an arrow. Don’t complain about the gray at yer temples. That will allow a nice halo effect around yer face. Mine is mostly where Alfalfa has his cowlick! How the eff does THAT grow out with anything even closely resembling coolness and style?! I have, therefore, been using hennas. Absolutely, atrociously messy, but it’s 6 bucks and looks halfway decent and no skunk lines as my hair grows. Still…I’ve been toying with the idea of going gray. Been seeing too many pictures of Emily Lou Harris. Anyhoo…please do chronicle yer journey pictorially! 

Grace makes me giggle. Always has for as long as I’ve known her. Which has probably been about that 9 years she mentioned. And yes, Grace. I will chronicle this pictorially if you’ll show me a picture of your Alfalfa gray when it happens.

There were other comments as well, but there are only so many I can post. We’re attending a wedding tomorrow, which means I will have make up on and my hair will be styled. (I use the term “styled” loosely. Basically it means it will have all manner of product in it in the hopes that it will look decent.) I will take the “beginning” picture then.

And away we gooooo….



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