Working on the Job

I am currently in somewhat of a work lull and I think I like it! I haven’t been pursuing new customers because I’m in the tweaking stages of a few current clients and this allows me to spend more time on Grace & Such.

Web Hosting

That said, if you are contemplating starting a website or blog, or if you already have one and are thinking about taking it to the next level, let’s chat. This is a really good time to either purchase hosting from or switch over to SiteGround* (my web host of choice) because they’re having a 4th of July sale. The sale runs from July 1st through July 5th so you have to be quick to benefit from the promotion.

Check out my Web Design page for more information and to see examples of some of the websites I’ve either designed or revamped.

*I am an affiliate of SiteGround which means if you purchase hosting through my links I will receive a small percentage. This doesn’t change your cost at all.


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